5. Music simulator

5. Music simulator Teaching tools Comb music suite
2017-7-1 16:57
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5. Music simulator

Teaching tools

Comb music suite

Stick, copper foil, 12B pencil and rubber

Preparation in advance: students themselves should prepare A4 cardboard, plastic bottles, paper tubes, cartons, notation; color pens, scissors and tape.

1. Connect Comb suite according to color order of green-blue-orange;

2. Open switches of Comb suite;

3. Stir the sound encoder on the logic module;

4. Touch ports of the touch board with hands and listen sounds carefully;

5. Repeatedly stir sound encoder to different locations and record sound features listened;

6. Summarize quantity of sound types made by Comb suite and relationships between locations of sound encoders and sound effect;

Coding number





Name of instruments





7. Make a small creative instrument for your little partners with ready-made materials (such as carton) and Comb music suite, and show the performance of the instrument.




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