honeycomb honeycomb

What you see is what you code

A playful programming language kids can manage

  1. HoneyComb electric building blocks not only can be used to resemble to a certain toy, but also can be programmed to realize varies new functions which havent be found yet. Programming with HoneyComb kit is quite simple, not any programming theories are required, simply drag and resemble, then you can get what you want it to be. What you see is what you code, playing with HoneyComb blocks can unconsciously educate children with their ways of thinking, help them to explore the ultimate potential for future study in STEAM!

HoneyComb Modules

small but smart

Music Kit

make everything into instrument

  1. Music Kit: universal instrument You can practically turn any conductive objects into musical instruments, so you or your children can go and explore the life, and discover that everything is musical.
  2. 16 musical instruments available (including strings and percussions)
  3. Variety of conductive triggers, human body, copper foil, plastic mud, and more, touch or even proximity sensing
  4. DIY speaker and external speakers supported
  5. Leap motion,max height 5cm
  6. External speaker supported, power unlimited
  7. MP3 play, open to customization
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