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HoneyComb is a set of playful electronic blocks, designed for makers of all ages and skill levels. With so many different types of blocks and endless combinations, you can quickly design, program, and prototype your own creations .

What's HoneyComb?

No electronic experience, no coding, and no screens required. We spent the last 12 months creating the next generation of electronic blocks, and launched our first 3 kits:

      .Music Kit - Change anything into an instrument

      .Camera Kit - Create your own camera for multi-usage

      .IoT Kit - Drag the blocks to learn programming


Make your own music symphony of whatever you can find

     HoneyCombs have 3 Colors and 3 Functions: Input , Logic , and Output bricks. Snap them together create what inventions you want. It's that simple. We offer three starter kits: Music, Camera and IoT. Each module is not self-limiting. All parts are interchangeable with every kit and every idea..

No coding or programming experience is required. Just drag and drop 


Find new ways to trigger the camera, and connect it to your smartphone



Lego Compatible

Worldwide Projects 


Magnetic Snap & Back Magnet

Hexagon Design

Proximity Sensing

Music Kit - Change anything into an instrument

Turn a pumpkin into a drum or bananas into piano. The world is your symphony.

MP3 mode touch and trigger ,with your self-made songs, film clips, sound of rain or space station radio...

With proximity sensing , you can build air drum which doesn't require physical touching


16 types instruments and limitless DIY recording. 

Help kids more understand binary encoding

So how to make an instrument ?

DIY Recording

You can practically turn any conductive objects into musical instruments, so you or your children can go and explore the life , and discover that everything is musical.

Fruit Piano

What musical instruments are supported ?

Make a piano? A drum? A viola? Just go find some food , fruit or vegetables...

How can I find conductive materials ?

5M 180 ° panoramic camera, 1/3 CCD, F2.0

VR mode support 360 ° surround, do not need 

move the camera

Over 20+ tripwire sensors for you to set your camera. Trigger your shots with lights, sound, timer and more.


Camera Kit - Create your own camera for multi-usage

Fisheye design

960x960 Pixel and VR support

How do I make a camera ?

Multi view support

Just connect the blocks , and change the tripwire sensor to which you want. And the photos will be saved to SD card and read by your  smartphone with 2.4G wifi

One Camera max 6-angle views

Cloud Server

IoT kit - Drag the blocks to learn programming

App Control

Let your kids reengineer your smart home ,  build a robot car and an auto-water system.

No electronic experience, no solder, no coding, and no screens required. 

Support Over-the-Air Technology,  you can read block date or send command worldwide


Smartphone easy control and read data by wifi

iOS & Android

What can I do with IoT kit ?

HTML5 Programming

IoT's powerful base on the Queen block of HoneyComb, including 2.4G wifi and support wireless control. 

Just open webpage , and drop blocks on page

no application , no coding 


Kits Work Together

The possibilities are endless. Each module is not self-limiting. All parts are interchangeable. 

      Honeycomb began when we found out a great deal of people were always stuck on a starter kit, limiting their ideas to just a few pieces. So we thought, why should there be a limit? We loved the idea that any piece is buildable upon the next. With research and testing, we invented the hexagon Honeycomb. 

     Honeycomb aims to help you make inventions that let your imagination grow into a hive of your own creations.

How does HoneyComb work ?

   Honeycomb hides all the technical details and allow people to focus on logical thinking and creativity. With its infinite attachments and smooth compatibility, we encourage people to make full use of everyday objects and connect them to create new and exciting things.


What's in the box ?






Laser Cut Package

HoneyComb package box is made from laser cut and eco-friendly recycled material, with high density and a wood touch.

    "To ensure perfect magnetic snap, complete data pin contact and flexibility, we've tested many magnets from N35 to N40, regarding magnetic force, flexibility, contact, and gilding thickness. To improve its scalability, we adopted hexagon as its basic form and to make sure every block independently controlled, we designed 1-in-3-out interfaces. The most difficult part was define scalability and compatibility of the interface. After several trials and errors, we finalized our mold design in September 2016."

Kent Zhang

Mechanical designner & Former Foxconn Supply Chain Manager


Why HoneyComb

Arbitrary paste

Honeycomb first came into our mind when we found out a great deal of people who were always stuck on the starter kit and their passion waned as time went by. So we thought that was it possible to come up with a product that's not self-limited, but scalable and interdisciplinary. We did our research and test, and it turned out hexagon is the best option.

So its name and shape were all set and we made the first set of prototypes, including LED, Buzzer, Relay and Servo blocks. But that's just not enough. To help people make amazing works, we had to incorporate state-of-the-art blocks, so we tried cool sensors like MIDI, camera, IoT, mind control, leap motion, VR traveling, voice and gesture recognition. To lower the threshold of learning, all blocks were made interchangeable and nicely sealed. It's us that should worry about technical details, and you worry about creativity. We wanted people to only focus on creativity rather than lost in details.

Just to be on the safe side, we decided to launch our first 3 kits.

Why we need your support

We're right now developing Honeycomb App trying to build a community where Honeycomb users can share their works and get inspirations from each other, and we're continuously adding new Honeycomb block members and cool ideas into the Honeycomb system.

The road to the mission will be steep, however, if we don't have your support. When Honeycomb grows to its maturity, you'll get to connect with endless Honeycomb users alike and you will benefit a lot from and be inspired by others' works. Don't let your ideas slip. Make every idea count! 

We make it happen and you make it sooner!


Motion Paino

Why HoneyComb

Build Symphony

Who’s it for?

We believe everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative. HoneyComb for Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers..


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